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A specialty pyrotechnic distribution company

Welcome to PYROAM

Supplying pyrotechnic supplies and firing systems to the entertainment industry, DoD, battlefield training scenarios, theatrical pyrotechnics, proximate pyrotechnics, various government agencies and bomb squads.

Our Mission

To provide knowledgeable, superior service and personalized attention to a very specialized market.


Amanda McLean Nixon:

Amanda McLean Nixon has been involved in the pyrotechnic industry since 1972, is currently President of Pyroam, Inc., a specialty pyrotechnic distributing company and General Manager of Luna Tech Pyrotechnik GmbH in Germany.  She is one of the owners of Luna Tech, Inc., which formerly manufactured and distributed the Pyropak® product line worldwide for over 30 years and a member of the American Pyrotechnic Association.  Amanda participates in the NFPA Technical Committee on Special Effects, is a member of the National Fireworks Association and also holds several federal and state explosives licenses.

Valerie L. Christian Abraham:

Valerie started in the pyrotechnics industry in 1995 as part of the Luna Tech, Inc. team, and continued on with Le Maitre, working with both domestic and international customers.  Her years of experience with many different federal and state officials has allowed her to help customers comply with regulations.  Valerie's favorite part of the industry is her personal contact with customers and to provide exceptional service.

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Company Profile

A specialty pyrotechnic distribution company, which offers personalized attention to detail while working with various manufacturers to ensure all your pyrotechnic needs are met both domestically and internationally.  Pyroam can also help with any of your worldwide logistic tour support or events.  We understand the time-critical demands of this industry.  Due to our volume, we are able to pass on discounts that may not be available from the manufacturers.

Registration in the CCR

100% Woman-Owned Small Business

Dun & Bradstreet # 798940313

Cage 4RFC0

Industry Associations

American Pyrotechnics Association

National Fireworks Association

National Fire Prevention Association

Pyrotechnic Guild International* - Link: Fireworks

Western Pyrotechnic Association

* Note: The Industry Association listed above does not constitute PGI endorsement for any products or services that may be offered for sale.

Required Customer Forms**

(In Microsoft Word® format.  Download, complete and return to us.)

Customer_and_ATF_Information_Form. doc

Checklist_for_Purchase_of_ATF_Regul ated_Materials.doc

Pyroam_Government_Entity_Info_Form. doc

**If prompted to enter a network password or authentication information when selecting any of the above documents, select "Cancel", or you may right-click and select "Save Target As".

Hit Counter

Please be aware - the Gallery page is still under construction.  Thanks!

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